Adding expenses, Adding expenses for an employee or customer or supplier

Bytes POS offers a convenient feature to add and manage expenses for employees. This feature allows you to track various types of expenses, such as salaries, bonuses, perks, travel expenditures, and more. To utilize this functionality, follow the steps outlined below:

  1.  Create Expense Categories: Begin by creating relevant expense categories to classify and analyze expenses effectively. This step ensures proper categorization of different types of expenses.
  2. Navigate to the “Add Expenses” Section: Within Bytes POS, locate the “Add Expenses” section. Fill in the required details, including the expense amount, description, and date. Additionally, select the appropriate category from the provided options. Specify the employee’s name in the “Expense for” field.
  3. ave the Expense Entry: After entering all the necessary details, save the expense entry to record the expense in the system.
  4. View Employee Expenses: To access a comprehensive view of all expenses associated with a particular employee, access the “Sales Representative Report” within the system. Select the desired employee or user from the report to observe the total expenses incurred by that individual. You can also access a detailed list of individual expenses from this report.

Expense for Contact (Customer or Supplier): In cases where you need to add an expense related to a specific customer or supplier, utilize the “Expense for contact” dropdown menu to select the appropriate contact from the available options.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and monitor employee expenses using Bytes POS. This feature allows for easy categorization of expenses, comprehensive tracking of employee-specific expenses, and the ability to record expenses associated with specific contacts, such as customers or suppliers.

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