Cash Register

The Cash Register feature in Bytes POS provides an overview of a specific user/cashier session. Here’s how it works:

1. When a cashier opens the POS screen, they must first open a Cash Register by entering the “Cash In hand” amount.
2. If the cashier has access to multiple locations (added in UltimatePOS V 2.19), they also need to select the relevant location.
3. Every sale made by the cashier will be logged into the Cash Register, which tracks the cash flow during the session.
4. In the POS screen, you can view the Cash Register details by clicking on the “Register details” button in the top navigation bar. This provides information about the Cash in hand, cash details by other payment methods, and the amount refunded by the cashier.
5. To close a Cash Register, click on the red-colored “Close Register” button. When closing the Cash Register, the cashier will be prompted to enter the details of the Total Cash, Total Card Slips, Total Cheques, and other relevant fields.
6. To view all Cash Registers, navigate to Reports -> Register Report. Here, you can access the details of all the Cash Registers, providing a comprehensive view of the cash transactions.

The Cash Register feature ensures accurate tracking and management of cash transactions during cashier sessions, allowing for proper reconciliation and reporting.

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