Common Errors and its Solutions

Error 0: #

If the WooCommerce website is running in HTTPS, make sure the APP URL in Bytes POS-WooCommerce module App Settings has HTTPS.

If WooCommerce is in HTTP, make the APP URL as HTTP.

Error 1: #

Sometime during synchronizing you may get the following message/error

“live.EMERGENCY: File:………\vendor\automattic\woocommerce\src\WooCommerce\HttpClient\HttpClient.phpLine:375Message:Syntax error”


In your WooCommerce “API Settings” change the “Woocommerce App URL” by adding “index.php” to it.

Example: Change the URL from to

Error 2: #

Sometimes in WooCommerce API bulk operations (add/edit/delete) are restricted. So it will give a error like
“Sorry, you are not allowed to batch manipulate this resource. [woocommerce_rest_cannot_batch]”

To resolve this error, follow this steps:

  1. Install & activate Code Snippet plugin in wordpress.
  2. Go to Snippet -> Add New and add a new snippet
  3. The snippet will have below written codes:add_filter( ‘woocommerce_rest_check_permissions’, ‘allow_bulk_operation’, 10, 4 ); function allow_bulk_operation( $permission, $context, $object_id, $type ) { return true; }
  4. Save & Activate it.

Now it will allow the bulk operation from API.

If you want to understand it better, check this link:

Error 3: Image not syncing #

Sometimes products don’t sync because of the problem in the images file name and image format.


WooCommerce have some restrictions which can be fixed by following this:

  1. Disable image sync by going to
    1. API Settings > Product Sync Settings > Product fields to be synced with woocommerce while creating products
    2. API Settings > Product Sync Settings > Product fields to be synced with woocommerce while editing products
  2. Uncheck Image and save
  3. They try to sync again.

OR do this:

  1. Try replacing all product images to jpeg or png format.
  2. Shorten the file name length as well for the images.

Error 4: #

Not syncing issue.


Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the wordpress website .htaccess file
  2. Add this 2 lines in the very top of the htaccess file, similar to the below screenshot:RewriteEngine on
    SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0
  3. After adding it, save the file and try to sync from Bytes POS once again.

Adding/Editing custom Order status: #

In WooCommerce you can add more order statuses. But in Bytes POS we have mapped the default WooCommerce statuses to Bytes POS status.

But you can easily add or modify this mapping.

Open this file: pos/Modules/Woocommerce/Utils/WoocommerceUtil.php
Search for the function: woocommerceOrderStatusToPosSellStatus
Change the status as per your need.
Status in left side(Key) is for WooCommerce & right side(Value) is for Bytes POS.

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