Configuring keyboard shortcuts for POS screen

Bytes POS offers support for keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to perform actions more efficiently. By default, the system comes with pre-configured shortcuts for various actions in the POS screen. However, you also have the flexibility to customize the shortcuts according to your convenience. Here’s how you can configure keyboard shortcuts in Bytes POS:

1. Go to Settings -> System Settings.
2. Navigate to the POS section.
3. You will find a list of Operations and their associated shortcuts.
4. Use the available key names and combinations of letters or numbers to create your desired shortcuts.
5. Ensure that the shortcuts you set do not conflict with the browser’s shortcuts. Using the same shortcut as the browser may have different effects in different browsers.

Configuring keyboard shortcuts can enhance your workflow and enable faster navigation within the POS screen. It allows you to personalize the system to match your preferred keyboard interactions.

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