Contacts Management (Supplier & Customers)

Any contact can be supplier, Customer or Both (Supplier & Customers)

Adding Suppliers & Customers #



To add a new contact in Bytes POS, follow these steps:

1. Go to Contacts and select either Suppliers or Customers.
2. Click on the “Add New Contact” button.
3. Select the appropriate contact type: Supplier, Customer, or Both.
4. Based on the contact type selected, the relevant fields will be displayed. Fill in the necessary details.
5. Click on the “More Information” button to view additional fields and provide any relevant information.
6. Pay Terms: Specify the payment terms for suppliers and customers. This helps the system notify you of any pending payments. Pay terms can be specified in either days or months.
7. Customer Group: This feature allows you to categorize customers. For more details, refer to the documentation.
8. Credit Limit: Set the maximum credit limit that can be given to a customer. If the credit amount exceeds this limit during a sale, the system will not allow the transaction on credit.
9. Opening Balance: If there is any existing balance for the customer or supplier before using Bytes POS, you can enter the opening balance here.
10. Advance Balance: In some cases, customers or suppliers may pay or take money in advance. This field indicates the amount of advance balance paid or taken by the customer or supplier respectively.

Ensure you fill in the relevant details accurately for effective management of your contacts and transactions in Bytes POS.

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