CRM Module

CRM Module for UltimatePOS #

CRM stands for Customer Relationship management

Features: #

  1. Followup
    1. Followup with Leads, customers & Supplier
    2. One-time followup
    3. Recurring followups
    4. Followup based on Pending/Partial/Overdue invoices
  2. Leads
    1. Add/Edit/Delete leads
    2. Convert leads to customer
    3. Leads source: Know which source (e.g google/facebook etc) leads are converting to more customers.
    4. Leads life stage: Know the life stage of lead (New/Qualified/Opportunity/ etc)
  3. Campaigns
    1. Email & SMS campaign
  4. Contact Login
    1. Multiple logins for customers & suppliers
    2. Contact can check previous orders, purchases, sales, payment & ledger.
  5. Proposal
    1. Create proposal templates with Subject, Body & attachments
    2. Send proposal to leads
  6. Report
    1. Follow-ups by user
    2. Follow-ups by contacts
    3. Lead to customer conversion

Adding contact login users #

To add a contact login, Go to CRM > Contact Login tab.

Click the add button, and a pop-up window is shown

Provide the required details in the pop-up window and save it.

 URL for contact login users of CRM #

The same login page of POS is used for all users including contact login users of the CRM module –

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