Discounts by Brand, Category, Location

Bytes POS offers the functionality to add or edit discounts with various parameters. Here’s how you can add or edit a discount in Bytes POS:

1. Name: Provide a descriptive name for the discount.
2. Brand: Select the product brand to which the discount will be applied.
3. Category: Choose the product category where the discount will be applicable.
4. Location: Specify the location for which the discount will be valid.
5. Priority: Assign a priority to the discount. Higher priority discounts hold more weight, but it won’t be considered for exact matches.
For example, if two discounts are available for the same brand and/or category, the discount with a higher priority will be applied.
6. Discount Type: Determine whether the discount will be a fixed amount or a percentage.
7. Start At: Set the start date for the discount.
8. End At: Set the end date for the discount.
9. Apply in selling price groups: If enabled, the discount will be applied to the selling price group. Otherwise, it won’t be applied.
10. Apply in customer groups: If enabled, the discount will be applied to the customer group price. Otherwise, it won’t be applied.
11. Is Active: Activate or deactivate the discount.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage discounts within Bytes POS, customizing them based on the name, brand, category, location, priority, type, and duration. This feature enables you to control and apply discounts to products as per your specific requirements.

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