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To import bulk sales into the system, Bytes POS provides an Import Sale feature. Follow these steps to import sales:

1. Go to Sale > Import Sale.
2. Click the ‘Download Template’ button to obtain the template file.
3. Open the downloaded template file and add the required details. Refer to the instructions provided on the import sale page for proper formatting and data entry.
4. Save the Excel file after adding the sales data.
5. Upload the saved file by clicking the ‘Choose File’ button and then submit the file for import.
6. Note that if any data in the Excel file does not comply with the provided instructions, errors may be displayed after uploading.
7. Review any error messages and modify the data in the file accordingly to resolve the errors.
8. Once the necessary changes have been made, proceed with the import.

By utilizing the Import Sale feature in Bytes POS, you can efficiently import a large volume of sales data into the system, streamlining the process and saving time compared to manual data entry.

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