Lot Number

What is Lot Number? #

Enabling Lot Number #

To enable lot number go to, Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchases

Check the Enable Lot number checkbox and update settings.

Adding Lot number from Purchases #

If the lot number is enabled as described above then when adding purchase stock it will display the lot number field for entering the lot number.

Adding lot number from add opening Stock: #

If lot number is enabled then when adding opening stock it displays the input field to enter lot number.


To sell products from a specific lot in Bytes POS, you can follow these steps:

1. Enable the lot number feature as mentioned in the previous documentation.

2. Ensure that the lot number is added when adding purchases or opening stock for the products. This will associate the products with specific lot numbers.

3. Go to the invoice layout settings and enable the “Show lot number” option. This will display the lot number field during the sales process.

4. When making a sale, the lot number and product expiry will be displayed as a dropdown. Select the appropriate lot number from the available options for the product you are selling.

5. In the printed invoice, the lot number will be shown, indicating the specific lot from which the product was sold.

By enabling the lot number feature and displaying it in the invoice, you can effectively track and manage products associated with specific lots, ensuring better inventory control and providing relevant information to customers on their invoices.

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