Product Units

In Bytes POS, you can add different units for products to accommodate varying measurement requirements. Here’s how you can add units:

1. Go to Products -> Units.
2. Click on “Add Unit.”
3. Provide the unit name, a short name, and choose whether you want the unit to allow decimals.
– Name: Meter
– Shortname: Mtr.
– Allow Decimal: Yes

Enabling the option to allow decimals allows you to purchase or sell the product in decimal quantities, if necessary.

To set up multiple units for products that are purchased in one unit and sold in another, follow these steps:

1. Add the lower unit, such as “pieces,” using the “Add Unit” screen.
2. Then, add the higher unit based on the desired conversion ratio. Check the option “Add as multiple of another unit (continued)” to specify that it is a higher unit and should be treated as a multiple of the lower unit.
For example, if you purchase in dozens and sell in individual pieces:
– Lower Unit: pieces
– Higher Unit: dozens
– Conversion: 1 dozen = 12 pieces

    • Multiple units - units of measurement
    • Provide the conversion Details.
  1. Use the unit in Add/Edit Product. While adding/editing purchase/ sale you can see the dropdown for units. Select the desired unit and it will change the unit purchase/sales price accordingly.

NOTE: You will not see the main Units (Dozen in this example) in the Add-Product Unit dropdown, select piece as the unit of product. All purchases/sales get saved in the lower unit (pieces in the above example). So after adding purchases/sales if you edit the conversion details, it will affect the purchases/sales quantity accordingly.


Selecting relevant Sub Units for a product #

In Bytes POS, you have the option to enable relevant sub-units for specific products. This feature is useful when certain products are sold or purchased in only specific sub-units. Here’s how you can enable and use sub-units:

1. Go to Business Settings -> Products.
2. Enable the relevant sub-units by selecting the appropriate option.
For example, if you sell oranges in dozens or pieces, enable the sub-units for dozens and pieces.

When adding products, follow these steps:

1. Select the main unit for the product.
2. In the sub-unit section, you will see the available sub-units based on your configuration.
3. Choose the applicable sub-units for the product.
For example, for oranges, you can select dozens and pieces as the sub-units.

By selecting the sub-units, you can perform purchases or sales using those specific sub-units for the product. This allows for greater flexibility in handling products that may have different unit options available.

Enabling relevant sub-units and selecting them for specific products in Bytes POS ensures that your inventory management and sales processes are tailored to your unique product requirements.


Secondary Units: #

Secondary units can be added to products. A secondary unit can be used if a particular product’s subunit may vary each time. For example, 1 piece of stone can be 10 kg or 20 kg, or 30 kg.

To enable this go to Settings-> Business Settings – > Products.

On enabling this, a secondary unit label will be shown in add/edit products screen.

Selecting this product in the purchase/sale/POS screen will also show the secondary unit label.

The details of secondary units for products are shown in the product stock history of that product.

NOTE: The secondary unit is not considered for calculation. It is only used for the user’s knowledge of tracking the products with varying subunits.

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