Purchase Requisition

What is Purchase Requisition(PR) #

The purchase requisition is a document that an employee creates to request a purchase of some products when the stock reaches a low level.

Only products less than the alert quantity will be shown while creating the purchase requisition.

Enabling Purchase Requisition #

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchase and enable the purchase requisition check box.

The purchase requisition tab will be shown in the sidebar.

Click on add button and provide the required details. Refer to the screenshot below.

Converting Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order #

Once PR is added it’s converted to Purchase Order.

To convert it into a purchase order, follow the steps below.

Go to Purchase order -> Add. [Purchase order document –

Here when you select the corresponding supplier the PR id will be shown.

Select the required PR id.

Partial Purchase #

If the ordered quantity in the PR is reduced while converting it into a purchase order, then the status will automatically change from ordered to partial.

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