Role Management

In Bytes POS, there are default roles available for every new business: Admin and Cashier.

1. Admin Role: The Admin role has all permissions within the application. Admin users have full control and can perform all actions.

2. Cashier Role: The Cashier role is restricted to the POS section only. Users assigned the Cashier role can access and operate the Point of Sale functionality.

To create a new role, follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Add” button in the Roles section.
2. Provide a name for the new role.
3. Select the appropriate permissions for that role. You can choose from a list of available permissions to define the access and actions allowed for users assigned this role.
4. If you need to restrict user access to specific locations, use the “Access locations” permission. You can select individual locations or choose “All Locations” to grant access to all business locations.
5. Save the role configuration.

Roles permissions can be edited and deleted as needed. To update the permissions or delete a role, navigate to the Roles section, select the desired role, and make the necessary changes.

Note: If you wish to delete a role, make sure to update the role of any existing users assigned to that role before deleting it.


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