Setting Business Multiple Locations or Ware House or Storefronts

Bytes POS provides the option to handle multiple business locations, warehouses, or storefronts for your business.

By default, a location is added to the newly created business.

Invoice Scheme: Before creating a new location or storefront, you can define a new invoice scheme or use existing ones. Having different invoice schemes for locations helps in identification. An invoice scheme refers to the format of invoice numbers.

Invoice Layout: If you want a different invoice layout for a location, create an invoice layout before adding the location.

Default Selling Price Group: Select the selling price group to be used in this location.

Payment Options: Enable or disable payment methods and set default payment methods for different payment accounts.

You can always change the invoice scheme and invoice layout for a business location at any time.

To create a new business location, storefront, or warehouse, go to “Settings -> Business Locations” and fill in the necessary details. Choose an invoice scheme and invoice layout for the location. When you have multiple locations, you will need to select the appropriate location when adding purchases or using the POS screen.

Inventory and transactions are managed separately for each location, allowing for easy tracking and analysis.

Disabling a Business Location: To disable a business location, click on the “Disable” button in the List Business Location section.

NOTE 1: After disabling a business location, ensure that any users assigned to that location are reassigned to other non-disabled locations.

NOTE 2: You must keep at least one business location non-disabled. If all business locations are disabled, the application will generate errors.

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