Tender Change or Change Return

To handle a scenario where a customer pays more than the total payment amount during a POS transaction, such as when the total payment is $250 but the customer pays $300 in cash and needs change back, you can follow these steps in Bytes POS:

1. Click on the “Multiple Pay” button, which will open a popup for entering payment details.
2. Enter the amount paid by the customer, in this case, $300.
3. On the right side of the popup, you will see the “Change Return” amount, which indicates the amount that needs to be returned to the customer (in this case, $50).
4. After entering the payment details, click on the “Finalize” button to save the sales transaction.
5. The change amount will be shown in the invoice, indicating the amount to be returned to the customer.
6. If you want to customize the label for the change return, you can go to Settings -> Invoice Layout and change the “Change Return Label” to the desired label. Save the changes to update the invoice layout.

By following these steps, you can accurately handle situations where customers pay more than the total payment amount and ensure that the change return is correctly calculated and displayed on the invoice in Bytes POS.

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