Using Commission Agent feature

Commission Agent functionality is beneficial for businesses that provide commission to sales agents for the sales they generate. Here’s how you can enable and configure Commission Agent in Bytes POS:

Enabling and Choosing Commission Agent Type:
1. By default, Commission Agent is disabled. To enable it, go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Sales. Look for the “Sales Commission Agent” drop-down.
2. You will find three different types of Commission Agent options:

– Logged in User: If selected, the logged-in user will automatically be considered the commission agent for the sales they add. This means that the user who adds the sales will receive the commission.
– Select from User’s List: If chosen, the POS and Sales screen will display a list of users in your business. The user adding the sales can select the commission agent from this list.
– Select from Commission Agent List: If this option is enabled, the POS and Sales screen will show a list of “Sales Commission Agents” available in your business. The user adding the sales can select the commission agent from this list.

Select the option that aligns with your business requirements.

Adding Commission Percentage:
When adding or editing a User or Sales Commission Agent, you can specify the commission percentage associated with them.

Calculating Commission Amount:
To view the commission amount, navigate to Reports -> Sales Representative Report.
1. Select the specific User for whom you want to see the commission amount.
2. The report will provide a detailed summary of Total Sale, Total Sale Commission, and Total Expense. Additionally, a table below will list all the relevant transactions.
3. Note that sales commission is calculated based on the sales amount of items and does not include shipping or tax costs.

Commission Payment:
After determining the commission amount, Bytes POS offers two ways to make commission payments:

1. Using Expense: Calculate the commission from the Sales Representative Report and make the payment by adding it as an expense in the “Add Expense” menu.
– In the Add Expense form, select the appropriate expense category and enter the commission amount.

2. Custom Payment: You can handle commission payments outside of the system by making payments manually to the respective sales agents.

Make sure to follow the preferred method based on your business processes and requirements.

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