Using Manufacturing Module

Creating Recipe: #

  1. To add a new recipe, go to Manufacturing -> Recipe
  2. Click on the Add button, it will open a popup,
  3. Choose Product: select the product for which you want to add a recipe
  4. Copy from recipe (optional): choose the product whose recipe will be copied to the chosen product. You can use this option to quickly copy a recipe from another product and make small changes as required.
  5. Add all ingredients/raw materials, wastage percentage, and final quantity. The wastage percentage mentioned here is wastage for the raw ingredients which happens when the ingredient is cleaned, for example in cabbage, some % is wasted when leaves and stems are removed. If the raw materials you’re using don’t have wastage, you can keep it at 0%, which is the default. Raw Ingredients: Raw ingredients are taken from the list of products. You can mark a raw ingredient as “Not For Sale” if it is not used for selling individually. For example, some raw ingredients like butter can be sold, some cannot be.
  6. Wastage %: Enter the wastage for the final product which can happen because of bad quality or other reasons.
  7. Total Output Quantity: Output quantity for which you entered the recipe.
  8. Production Cost: Check the production cost as described below.
  9. Recipe Instructions: Steps to be followed for the production of the final product from ingredients.

Production Cost: #

  1. Fixed: If cost is fixed, then a fixed amount will be used as the production cost.
  2. Percentage: If a percentage is used, then the percentage of ingredient costs is taken as the production cost.
  3. Per Unit: In this case, the total production cost is multiplied by the total output quantity.

Adding Production: #

  1. To add production, go to Manufacturing -> Add Production
  2. Reference No: Optional reference number, you can leave it blank to auto-generate it.
  3. Business Location: Select the business location where production is done. Raw ingredient stocks will be deducted from this location, and the final manufactured product stock will be added to this location.
  4. Product: Select the product for manufacturing. Based on the selected product, it will display all the raw ingredients from the added recipe.
  5. Quantity: Quantity of the final product to be manufactured. Based on this, raw ingredient quantity will be calculated from the recipe.
  6. Input Quantity: Input quantity of raw ingredients which will be used for production.
  7. Wastage Percent: Wastage percentage of raw ingredients. For example, if you take 1 KG of cabbage and 200 grams are wasted, then the wastage percentage is 20%, so the final quantity will be 800 grams.
  8. Final quantity: Input Quantity – Wastage Percent
  9. Wasted Quantity: Wastage quantity of the final product for any reason.
  10. Production Cost: Check the production cost as described below.
  11. Finalize checkbox: Check this checkbox to finalize the production. This will remove the stock of raw ingredients and add stocks for the manufactured products. After finalizing, the production cannot be edited.

Settings: #

  1. Production Ref No. prefix: Prefix number when the production reference number is auto-generated.
  2. Disable editing ingredients quantity: Disable editing of ingredients when adding production. This can help restrict staff from editing raw ingredients.

Permissions: #

New permission for View/Add/Edit for recipe and production will be available when creating a role.

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